SPRD-998 I Like My Old Decrepit Ball Of Chain Better Than My New Younger Wife… Shiori Oda

I broke up with my ex-husband due to a so-called personality mismatch. Ten years later, Shiori remarried and moved to an apartment. Her remarriage partner is nervous, and even the number of acts at night is fixed. Shiori was a little tired of such a life. At that time, she happens to meet her ex-husband again. She used to live in the same apartment complex. Her ex-husband, who misses her, invites Shiori into her house and tells her story since her breakup. An ex-husband who was listening to her bookmark, hugs and kisses her bookmark. She hastily refused the bookmark, but was almost overwhelmed by her ex-husband’s caresses.

Date:May 25, 2023 Duration: 01:39:00
Pornstars: Shiori Oda
Studio: Takara Eizo