NKKD-281 Yometanpo When I Went To A Friend For A Debt Consultation, She Told Me To Pledge My Wife As Collateral… Kanna Misaki

The small town factory run by her husband was driven into a very difficult business situation due to the soaring costs associated with the recent appreciation of the yen. One day, when her husband finally ran out of money to pay at the end of the month, the chaste and beautiful wife Kanna suddenly remembered and asked for a loan to Mr. Iguchi, a classmate of her husband who was rumored to have made a huge fortune recently through video distribution work. Suggest to go for a consultation. A couple shamefully went to consult about a loan … but she suggested, “Put your wife as collateral instead of a loan.”

Date: May 5, 2023 Duration: 01:55:00
Pornstars: Kanna Misaki
Studio: Skyu Shiroto