KAMEF-069 Specializing In Individual Photography Big Breasted Idol Photo Session Ai-chan (19) Machida Lens’s BLACK KAMEKO FILE.69 An Idol Who Knows Nothing Participates In An Obscene Photo Session Like A Part-time Job. Her Breasts Are Photographed With He

It seems like the distance between idols and fans was close, but it’s a thing of the past when there was one big wall between them. Nowadays, there are so many idols that you can interact with, let alone meet. Of course, there are some girls who sell their products and go on to fly far away, but they are not the only ones. She is an angel-like girl who always cherishes contact with her fans, and is rumored among her fans to be lewd and let them have sex with her. Ai-chan is also an idol that is loved by her fans, and she also has a firm grip on the big otaku crowd. She has light footwork and easily participates in individual photo events that are secret to the management. Even with cosplay make-up, you can still see her cute face, Ai-chan, and there’s no way you can resist taking a photo of her in a costume that reveals her supple body trained through dance. Although she was surprised to have her penis suddenly exposed, she is a kind girl who does not refuse strongly. This is because while her embarrassing parts are being photographed, her idol breasts are being played with and her pussy is drenched. She jerks and cums when a fully erect penis is inserted into her. [Amateur floor product number instc372 is distributed with unreleased footage added. ]

Date: February 20, 2024 Duration: 01:23:00
Pornstars: amateur

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