JUFE-479 No.1 Luxury Hostess Who Absolutely Never Sleeps With Customers Even Though She’s A Terribly Dirty Little Girl, Her Frustration Explodes And She Seduces The Man Who Lives In The Same Condominium. Mina Kitano

H cup exquisite glamorous body of an exclusive actress who wears extreme clothes with intense exposure and is approaching Gui Gui, Mina Kitano is cock hunting while drifting bewitching pheromones! Mina is active as the No. 1 hostess of a luxury club, sticking to her policy of never sleeping with customers. Her sexual desire is always on the verge of explosion, and when she approaches the limit of her patience, she seduces the men living in the same apartment with all kinds of hands to relieve her frustration and devours cock and sperm to her heart’s content!

Date: June 2, 2023 Duration: 02:55:00
Pornstars: Mina Kitano
Studio: Edge

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